Selected Publications

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Peer Reviewed Articles

Robles-García, P., Stewart, J., Nicklin, C., Vitta, J. P., McLean, S., & Kramer, B. (2023) “The wisdom of crowds”: When teacher judgments outperform word-frequency as a predictor of students’ vocabulary knowledge. Language Teaching Research, OnlineFirst. 

Parent, K., McLean, S., Kramer, B., & Kim, Y.A. (2023). The counts of Dracula and Monte Cristo: Frequencies of homonymic meanings in graded readers. Reading in a Foreign Language, 35(1), 48-71. (PDF from RFL Website )

Kabir, R. S., Kramer, B., Koike M., & Sponseller, A. C. (2022). Modeling personality antecedents and second language self-efficacy constructs with emerging adults in Japan: Domain-specific matching for assessing global competence in applied contexts. Frontiers in Psychology, 13:1032573.

Pinchbeck, G. G., Brown, D., McLean, S., & Kramer, B. (2022). Validating word lists that represent learner knowledge in EFL contexts: The impact of the definition of word and the choice of source corpora. System, 106, 102771. 

Stewart, J., Vitta, J. P., Nicklin, C., McLean, S., Pinchbeck, G. G., & Kramer, B. (2022). The relationship between word difficulty and frequency: A response to Hashimoto (2021). Language Assessment Quarterly, 19(1), 90-101. (PDF pre-print)

Kramer, B., Matsuo, T., Sponseller, A. C., Kim, Y. A., Nishiyama, S., & McLean, S. (2021). Measuring attrition of L2 productive vocabulary knowledge over the summer vacation. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 10(2), 1-8. (PDF from the publication website)

Iwamoto, M., & Kramer, B. (2020). NGSL Coverage of a SHS Entrance Exam and the National Center Test. The Language Teacher, 44(5), 3-8. (PDF available here)

Lyddon, P. A., & Kramer, B. (2019). Connecting extensive reading to TOEIC performance. In F. Meunier, J. Van de Vyver, L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds), CALL and complexity – short papers from EUROCALL 2019 (pp. 257-262). (PDF from the publication website)

Stoeckel, T., Stewart, J., McLean, S., Ishii, T., Kramer, B., & Matsumoto, Y. (2019). The relationship of four variants of the Vocabulary Size Test to a criterion measure of meaning recall vocabulary knowledge. System, 87, 102161. 

Kramer, B., & McLean, S. (2019). L2 reading rate and word length: The necessity of character-based measurement. Reading in a Foreign Language, 31(2), 201-225. (PDF from RFL website)

Kramer, B. (2019). A review of Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation and Classroom Research, by Greta Gorsuch and Dale T. Griffee. JALT Journal, 41(1), 80-83. (PDF, JALT Journal website)

Kramer, B., Matsuo, T., McLean, S., & Cornwell, S. (2019). Measuring attrition of L2 receptive vocabulary knowledge over the summer vacation. Vocabulary Education and Research Bulletin, 8(1), 17-22. (PDF, VERB website)

Kramer, B., McLean, S., & Martin, E. S. (2018). Student grittiness: A pilot study investigating scholarly persistence in EFL classrooms. Osaka Jogakuin Junior College Kiyo, 47, 25-41. (PDF, Official repository)

Stewart, J., McLean, S., & Kramer, B. (2017). A response to Holster and Lake regarding guessing and the Rasch model. Language Assessment Quarterly, 14(1), 69-74. (Accepted Manuscript)

McLean, S., & Kramer, B. (2016). The development of a Japanese bilingual version of the New Vocabulary Levels Test. Vocabulary Education and Research Bulletin, 5(1), 2-5. (PDF, VERB website)

McLean, S., & Kramer, B. (2015). The creation of a New Vocabulary Levels Test. Shiken, 19(2), 1-11. (PDF, Shiken website)

McLean, S., Kramer, B., & Stewart, J. (2015). An empirical examination of the effect of guessing on vocabulary size test scores. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 4(1), 26-35. (PDF, VLI website)

McLean, S., Kramer, B., & Beglar, D. (2015). The creation and validation of a listening vocabulary levels test. Language Teaching Research, 19(6), 741-760. (Accepted Manuscript)

McLean, S., Hogg, N., & Kramer, B. (2014). Estimations of Japanese university learners’ English vocabulary sizes using the Vocabulary Size Test. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 3(2), 47-55. (PDF, VLI website)

Kramer, B. (2014). Rika-chan bungee: Content-based instruction in mathematics. The Language Teacher, 38(3), 23-24. (PDF, TLT website)


Ueno, I., Funakoshi, T., & Kramer, B. (2023). CLIL 英語で学ぶ経営入門 (CLIL Business Management). Sanshusha. (Publisher Link)

McLean, S., Kramer, B., Grogan, M., & Moran, D. (2022). Reading Fluency I. ABAX ELT Publishing. (Publisher Link)

Misc Publications

Swenson, T., Lyddon, P., Kramer, B., & McLean, S. (2024). Development of CEFR-J/OJ: Language goals in a content-based curriculum. Osaka Jogakuin University Kiyo, 20, 71-94. (PDF available here)

Kramer, B. (Ed.). (2016). Vocab@Tokyo: Current Trends in Vocabulary Studies. Conference handbook for the Vocab@Tokyo conference in Tokyo, Japan. (Download here)